The US Government Admits They Ran a Secret UFO Investigation Program

The Pentagon has finally admitted that it ran a secret UFO investigation program for five years.

The operation, named the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, was closed in 2012 after a change in funding priorities.

The $22 million program was headed by former Nevada senator Harry Reid to quietly start the investigation. 

The idea was to sift through various reports to "overcome the United States’ potentially disastrous gap in UFO research."

Though the program is over, the Pentagon says they are still monitoring things and seriously take “all threats and potential threats to our people”. 

On the other side of the pond, head of the British government's UFO project Nick Pope says that there is likely something out there, it's just no one knows what it is.

"It’s an extraordinary revelation, not least because it directly contradicts the many specific denials that the US government has issued previously when asked about this subject, and their involvement in it.

It precisely reflects my own experience of this intriguing but frustrating subject with the British government. Like our US colleagues, we too denied – even to parliament – that we were undertaking secret studies into the UFO phenomenon and consistently downplayed the true extent of our interest and activity at the Ministry of Defence.”

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