Cops Enforce Daytime Tent Ban in Santa Ana

Police in Santa Ana have begun enforcing a daytime ban on tents at a homeless encampment near the Civic Center. The new ordinance is part of the city's plan to clean up the Plaza of the Flags next to the Orange County Superior Courthouse and drive out the transients who routinely camp there overnight. 

More than half of the people camped out at the Civic Center have followed the new ordinance. But one man tells KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck that the new law is taking a toll on his property. 

"Every time you break it down it wears your stuff out. If you wear everything out, you're going to have nothing soon."

One man who received a citation for staying in their tent during the day tore it up saying the judge would just expunge it for him. 

City officials say the ban is meant to help police make sure nothing illegal is happening inside the tents. 

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