Star Wars Fans Nearly Riot After Burbank Showing Goes Wrong

Fans who have been waiting to find out what happens in the next chapter of Star Wars weren't happy after their screening at a Burbank AMC Theater had major issues with its audio.

Technical problems with at least two showings of the movie at AMC Burbank had fans feeling a disturbance in the force late Thursday night/early Friday morning during the movie's first showings. 

According to patrons who attended the 10 pm showing, there was music, but no dialogue for the first six minutes of the movie. Upset patrons began gathering in the lobby, shouting at the theater's staff to restart the screening. Video captured on social media shows several people in the theater lobby standing with their arms crossed, yelling "restart it!"

Burbank Police were called to help calm the crowds down. No injuries were reported, and no one was arrested. 

That wasn't the only screening at that location to have issues. The 1:30 am showing also had technical difficulties with the movie shutting off immediately after the scroll. AMC staff immediately entered the theater and assured people they were working on the issue, passing out re-admittance coupons to everyone inside the theater. 

That screening was immediately restarted. AMC has not yet commented publicly on what went wrong. 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters now. 

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