Holiday Family Traditions With The Dad Podcast

What are your holiday family traditions?

We all have them.

Some of us eat specific meals.  Some of us play certain games.  Some of us hang underwear on wreaths.

Whatever it might be, your family tradition is much more valuable than you might think.

First, it can help provide roots for the people in your family, giving them something that they can take wherever life might lead.  

Along with that, it can honor your family's heritage while people move across the globe.

As Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast emphasized, it also creates a strong family identity.  Traditions give each family member something they can look to as their own, unique thing.

In the immediate, though, family traditions encourage you to spend time together and build memories, because, as the name says, you need the family to be there to participate in a family tradition.

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Did you just read this and realize that you don't have any fun family traditions?

You want some, don't you?

Like always, we got you.

Whether it is eating, singing, or playing a game, we have all sorts of suggestions for you.

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