Man Bites Airplane Passengers, Causes Flight to Turn Around

A JetBlue plan was forced to turn around after a man started to bite other passengers.

Video of the incident shows the man biting and hitting the people next to him apparently out of no where. 

One of the passengers trying to hold the man down, Tom, says he held him down as doctors on the flight tried to examine the distressed man.

"I grabbed his hands behind his back and held him there while the flight attendants put the restraints on him.

At that point, he started yelling and tried to come towards the flight attendant, behind me, at the time. I really had a hell of a time keeping him in place there."

The flight was en route to New York and was over Utah when the incident happened.

As the man got rowdier, the pilot diverted off course and made an emergency landing in Las Vegas.

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