A Luxury Penthouse is For Sale...for 33 Bitcoin

This Bitcoin craze is really taking off.  Actually it's been flying high for quite a bit, but things are going a bit more mainstream for the cryptocurrency.

Take a look at this luxury 1 bedroom condo in Ibiza, Spain.  You'll notice that the going rate on the listing is $33.  

This is misleading.  The rate is not 33 dollars - it's 33 Bitcoins.

And for those not privy, 33 bitcoin = $533,450.36

The one question we have, is why on earth would anyone in their right minds pay for real estate with bitcoin?  

To do this is essentially to give the seller an ever-increasing payment until they themselves sell the 33 bitcoins.  

For example, Bitcoin was hovering at about $4,000/coin in August 2017.  As of this writing, it is at over $16,000/coin.  33 bitcoin in one year's time could very possibly be worth over $1 million.

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