Woman Arrested After Shouting "I Will Kill Everyone" on Airplane

A passenger on Southwest Airlines was arrested after she threatened to kill people on the plane.

The airline says it all started when Valerie Curbelo was in the bathroom smoking a cigarette and even allegedly tampered with the smoke detector so she wouldn't get caught.

An attendant barged in on the woman, getting her out of the bathroom but lead to the situation seen in the below video.

Curbelo ripped an oxygen mask from the ceiling as flight crew members try to force her into her seat as she shouts.

“I have a destination for myself!

I swear, if you don’t . . . land, I will f—ing kill everybody on this f—ing plane!”

The video ends with a scuffle back into her seat as the person recording the video says Curbelo had to be restrained by passengers and crew members.

Pilots called an emergency and landed in Sacramento where sheriff's deputies were waiting at the airport to make the arrest.

Curbelo was charged with a making a death threat and jailed on $75,000.

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