Doctor Raises Money for Colleagues Who Lost Homes in Wildfire

As the Thomas Fire continues to ravage Ventura County, one doctor has worked to help his colleagues affected by the fire.

Dr. Tipu Khan created a GoFundMe page to provide his hardworking colleagues with a sense of normalcy after the tragedy.

"Knowing that it’s happening to people we know, that I work with, that I spend time with, that I see every single day — it just broke my heart.” 

Dr. Khan says the money will be divided up evenly among those impacted by the fires, like nurse Mariglo Esherick who had to leave her home with her three daughters and their backpacks before the house caught fire.

Dr. Ken Jones says he was only able to grab his ID, some papers and a change of clothes before his house was destroyed 18 hours after he initially left.

If you'd like to help, check out the GoFundMe HERE.

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