Alternate juror in Steinle trial speaks out in support of murder acquittal

The acquittal of Kate Steinle's killer was a huge disgrace, but an alternate juror is speaking out in defense of the jury's decision. 

Alternate juror Phil Van Stockum says he sat through the entire trial, saw all of the evidence presented, and discussed the verdict with the jury after it was delievered.

In an article for Politico, Van Stockum says the jury reached the right conclusion. Here's the beginning of his piece:

"I was an alternate juror in the Kate Steinle murder trial in San Francisco. I didn’t get a vote, but I saw all of the evidence and the jury instructions, and I discussed the verdict with the jury after it was delivered. Most of the public reaction I've seen has been surprise, confusion and derision. If these were among your reactions as well, I'm writing to explain to you why the jury was right to make the decision that it did..."

Click here to read his full explanation at Politico.

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