Christine Pelosi: There are rapists in the CA Capitol

Last week Democratic Strategist Christine Pelosi claimed that there are "rapists" and "molesters" working in the California Capitol building.

She said:

“We have rapists in this building. We have molesters among us. There are perpetrators, enforcers and enablers in this building, and ... a lot of us know who they are. We find out through that whisper network. People do talk, they just don’t come forward.”

The claims from the daughter of U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi caused many to gasp during an Assembly committee hearing on state sexual harassment.

The comments have caused quite a stir, with Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, D-San Diego saying she's “NEVER heard that there are rapists in the building.”

Sacramento Bee writer Marcos Breton told Pelosi to "name one rapist" in the Capitol. Pelosi tweeted saying that if you believe the women sharing their "Me Too" stories from Sacramento, then you "know there are rapists.

Yesterday the news came out that Assemblyman Matt Dababneh is the creep who masturbated in front of a lobbyist, and used to brag about his sexual prowess in front of co-workers.

Click here to read more at The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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