UC Irvine is Getting a Secret Shout Out on The Big Bang Theory

Four researchers from UC Irvine have been given a featured role on tonight's episode of "The Big Bang Theory".

Equations written on the characters' whiteboard will be excerpts from two research papers written by UCI physics and astronomy professor Jonathan Feng and post-doctoral researchers Iftah Galon, Felix Kling and Sebastian Trojanowski.

Feng's team is working to have a new instrument placed at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland called FASER.

Feng says the detector will be used to discover new kinds of particles which could help to determine the nature of dark matter.

“Among experts, (“The Big Bang Theory” is) famous for getting the science right and being on top of the latest trends, so we thought it was great when they decided to use excerpts from our papers.”

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