Couple arrested in Thailand for baring their butts in front of holy temples

A San Diego couple is in big trouble in Thailand for posting photos of their exposed butts in front of Buddhist temples.

Their viral photos were posted to the Instagram page "Traveling Butts," but the attention soon backfired.

Joe and Travis DaSilva went to Thailand to celebrate their honeymoon, one year after they got married. They were supposed to come back on December 5th, but Bangkok police have altered those plans.

According to the Bangkok Post, the couple was arrested at Don Mueang airport Tuesday night and charged with getting naked in public.

People who know the men say they didn't realize they were doing anything wrong, they were just having fun in front of some cool looking buildings.

But those cool looking buildings are considered to be very holy places. They mooned the world in front of Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn, and Wat Pho, home to the golden reclining Buddha.

The "Traveling Butts" Instagram has been taken down, and the DaSilvas are looking at a penalty of $150.

Click here to read more at NBC 7 San Diego.

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