Woodland Hills May End Their 'Candy Cane Lane'

Residents of Woodland Hills famous 'Candy Cane Lane' may not be going as full out as they have in previous years due to some bad behavior by spectators.

Homeowners have grown weary of the crowds of people clogging up their streets and sidewalks, backing traffic up for miles making it difficult to get in and out of their neighborhood. They have complained about broken or stolen decorations, vandalism and garbage, and loud rowdy (sometimes inebriated) patrons.

Candy Cane Lane participant Matthew Wrights believes that one of his neighbors is responsible for attempted sabotage on the event by changing the hours of Google to say that it is 'closed'. Wright is organizing a meeting this weekend to pass out traffic cones and try to convince his neighbors from scrapping the beloved tradition. 

Read more at Fox 11 News Los Angeles

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