City To Crack Down on "Gang" Apartments

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer is launching a lawsuit against the owners and managers of a Baldwin Village apartment complex, alleging the site is a stronghold for a violent street gang.

Feuer's lawsuit says the Chesapeake Apartments at 4616 Rodeo Road in South LA has been the scene of homicides, shootings, rapes, drug deals, robberies, assaults and gun possession dating back to 1996.

"Negligent, callous management has allowed the Chesapeake Apartments to become a hotbed of terror in this neighborhood.

We'll continue to hold property owners responsible for these harrowing conditions as we take back our communities."

Feuer wants to order the head of the complex, Swaranjit Nijjar, to live on the property until the issue is resolved.

The suit is seeking an injunction banning gang activity on the property, provide secure gates, video monitoring systems, better lighting, better screenings of tenants and the presence of an armed security guard on the grounds 24/7.

Nijjar's lawyer, Harold Greenberg says his client is willing to make changes and work with the appropriate officials.

“If someone’s gang affiliated … we don’t want them in there. We want clean, safe, affordable housing. Somebody’s got to provide it. The city can’t, the city’s the worst slumlord.”

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