Argentinian woman allegedly chopped off man's penis with garden shears

The 26-year-old woman from Argentina who cut off a man's genitals with a pair of garden shears kept a notepad where she had written down ideas on how to mutilate sex organs. 

Architect Brenda Barattini attacked 40-year-old Sergio Fernandez, a reggae singer, with the shears while he was asleep in her apartment.

Investigators found entries in her little book that included words and expressions including:

  • "Scalpel"
  • "Cut him"
  • "Tape"
  • "His mobile"
  • "Ask for help"

Barattini's lawyer claims that she was defending herself from a sex attack after being fooled into letting Fernandez into her apartment.

Those claims have been slapped down by Fernandez's lawyer, who says his client was attacked after being blindfolded as part of a sex game. He added that Fernandez and Barattini had been in a relationship for several months.

The theory is that Barattini attacked her lover because he was going to end their relationship. There's also speculation that Fernandez had been unfaithful, and Barattini wanted revenge.

Fernandez is still in intensive care in the hospital following the penis shearing, and it looks like the chances of him being a father in the future are pretty slim.

Maximiliano Tittarelli, deputy director of the hospital Fernandez was taken to, said:

"His development is good. He's awake. We have to see how his recovery goes but for now it's very good. When he was admitted a duty urologist was in A&E and that meant the operation took place in the best possible circumstances."

Brenda Barattini not yet given a statement and won't be questioned until after a psychiatric evaluation later this week.

Tests will also be done to determine if she was sexually attacked.

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