13-Year-Old Girl Chases Away Burglar in Turlock, CA

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A 13-year-old girl got up close and personal with a burglar in her Northern California home over the weekend.

A surveillance video shows a man walking up to a home in Turlock on Sunday a little after 3 p.m., according to Fox 40.

Officials say he rang the doorbell of the McCalley residence several times and then proceeded to kick in the door when nobody answered. The teen was inside following family instructions; to not answer the door if she didn't know who was standing outside.

The teen hid in the closet and called the police.

McCalley says her daughter was on the phone with police when the man took a tote bag and filled it with jewelry before finding the girl in the closet.

The girl says she screamed and started to hit the man, forcing him to eventually leave the house.

The home surveillance shows the man sprinting out the house and into a car, where another man was waiting for him before they took off.

McCalley's daughter followed him out of the house and police arrived a few minutes later.

Anyone with information about the two men is asked to contact the Turlock Police Department.

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