Photo of Mom Breastfeeding Causes Online Complaints

A mom who posted a photo on Facebook of herself breastfeeding her child uncovered in public at Disneyland says she's shocked by the backlash she received online.

Brittni Medina says she decided to ask her husband to take a photo of her with her son as two frowning women look on after she says she heard them talking about how she should take the feeding to the bathroom.

Posting the photo later on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page where she received some support from moms but backlash as the photo and controversy grew internationally.

“Most of the articles have been positive, except I was told the host on ‘Saturday Night Live’ said you shouldn’t feed your child in public.

I heard that it would be more acceptable if my breasts were smaller. But this is really about being able to go out in public. I heard from moms who don’t even go out at all because (of nursing issues).”

While Disney says both their theme parks have a lounge where moms can breast feed and change their babies in private.

However Medina says she doesn't like to use those rooms because she says they are too crowded and doesn't cover herself because wearing a drape made her son hot and cranky.

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