Former Weinstein Adviser Lisa Bloom Blows Off Vice News

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Vice News says a scheduled interview with attorney Lisa Bloom went off the rails today, after they refused to reveal their questions in advance.

The lawyer and former adviser to Harvey Weinstein, was scheduled to sit down with Vice News for an interview that would cover a wide range of topics, but as the reporters were waiting in her office, Bloom delayed the interview. 

According to Josh Tyrangiel, a writer for Vice News, representatives for Bloom demanded to know what interviewer's questions were before the lawyer would come out. When they refused to hand the questions over, the reps began asking what percentage their questions were about embattled producer Harvey Weinstein. 

When the reporters refused to answer, Bloom's reps reportedly cancelled the interview.

Bloom became a focus of controversy after resigning last month as an adviser to Weinstein after it was revealed that the embattled Hollywood producer had settled several sexual harassment lawsuits. 

During an appearance on The View earlier this month, Bloom admitted that the documentary film series she was developing with Weinstein's company "clouded" her judgement when she agreed to represent Weinstein during the earliest stages of the breaking story. 

The attorney, who has made a name for herself as a women's rights advocate, was pilloried for signing on as an adviser to Weinstein just as the New York Times published an article detailing the allegations made against the movie producer by eight different women. 

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