The Top 5 Worst Black Friday Purchases You Can Make This Year

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Those Black Friday deals are just around the corner, and everything may seem like a great purchase, but on the contrary, there are several deals on the market that you may want to completely avoid.

You may want to wait until a different time of year to get better deals.

WKYC just published their year’s list of deals we should skip this holiday season, and the top purchase to leave behind this year are gift cards.

Although heavily requested as gifts from family members and friends, you can find a better deal for these bad boys on Cyber Monday. You may be able to save an additional 15 percent or score a BOGO later by buying this online, just a few days later.

Jewelry also made the list, noting that the best time to buy would be the two weeks leading up to Christmas, when there are bigger deals. Or, you could just wait until February when Valentine’s Day deals will be circulating.

Advanced and extreme remote control cars were deemed the best toy deal for this Black Friday. But consumers were advised to avoid buying other toys until the first week of December, when prices drop closer to Christmas.

Many may try to drop the turkey weight immediately after Thanksgiving, turning to buying exercise equipment this Black Friday. But, the best deals on treadmills and other fitness products will be after New Year’s, when people make those New Year’s resolutions.

Lastly, you should stay away from buying patio or outdoor furniture. WKYC notes that many of the patio furniture and BBQ/Grill deals you see on Black Friday are the result of a retailer trying to clear stock. The best time to buy outdoor furniture is early Summer, when there are Memorial Day, July 4, Prime Day or Labor Day deals.

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