Palmdale Man Accused of Ejaculating into Co-Workers Water, Honey

A Palmdale man is accused of ejaculating into a female coworker's drinks and honey and smeared his fluids on her computer mouse.

Stevens Millancastro allegedly put his semen into the woman's water bottle twice and she noticed the drinks looked cloudy and threw them away both times.

However, Millancastro also put his bodily fluids into her honey jar, which the victim ate out of every other day for nearly two months without knowing.

Millancastro has since been charged with five misdemeanors; two counts of battery and three of attempted vandalism.

Prosecutors are alleging the crimes were committed for the purpose of the suspect's sexual gratification.

If convicted, Millancastro could face two years and six months in county jail and may be required to register as a lifetime sex offender.

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