Creepy clown accused of groping women at 'haunted barn'

Brandon Goral - Rock County Sheriffs Department

(Brandon Goral - Rock County Sheriff's Department)

43-year-old Brandon Goral, also known as "Shakes the Clown," is accused of groping women while working at a Wisconsin "haunted barn."

As women would go through the barn, Shakes would ask them:

"Do you want me to Donald Trump?"

He would then make hand gestures towards their vaginas and make a squeezing motion, all while he was decked out in green hair and pointed razor fangs.

The women declined the "Donald Trump" offer, but Shakes went for it anyway, grabbing one of the women's right breasts and then squeezing the left breast of her friend.

The victims said they felt "violated and uncomfortable" after the grope. Shakes told the police that he'd been asked to do it all night for pictures, and added that he “does not touch women’s breasts” unless he asked to do so.

Shakes the Clown was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor sex assault and faces a fine up to $10,000 and nine months in jail.

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