Worst Day of Holiday Travel in L.A. Is Today

Download an extra podcast, and update your favorite playlist, because Tuesday will be the worst time to travel for people in Los Angeles for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

“Thanksgiving has historically been one of the busiest holidays for road trips, and this year we could see record-level travel delays,” says Bob Pishue, transportation analyst at INRIX, a global transportation and analytics company. “Knowing when and where congestion will build can help drivers avoid the stress of sitting in traffic.”

Triple-A reports that a majority of Southland drivers will be out on the road for Thanksgiving between 3:15 and 6:15 pm on Tuesday. You could see your commute extend to more than 2.5 times longer than it usually would be thanks to all the people on the road. 

Nearly 89 percent of all travelers (nearly 45.5 million) are planning a Thanksgiving road trip to . That's an increase of 3.2 percent over last year. 

“Thanksgiving kicks off the start of a busy holiday season, and more thankful Americans will travel to spend time with friends and family this year,” said Bill Sutherland, AAA senior vice president, Travel and Publishing. “A strong economy and labor market are generating rising incomes and higher consumer confidence, fueling a strong year for the travel industry, which will continue into the holiday season.”

Drivers don't seemed to be deterred by high gas prices either. The average price of gas in California has jumped to $3.21 per gallon. Nationwide, the average price for a gallon is only $2.54 - still the highest since 2014. 

Oh, and the worst highway to travel on? The I-5 through southeast L.A. which came in at #1 on Triple-A's list of most congested routes in the nation. You'll want to avoid that if you can today. 

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