Why are Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkeys a Trend this Holiday?

Who needs tradition when you can have Reynolds Kitchen’s newest recipe for holiday success. The “Hot Turkey in an Oven Bag” recipe is going viral on social media right now.

Reynolds' recipe calls for you to coat your Thanksgiving turkey in “food processed hot puffed cheese sticks,” (aka, flamin’ hot cheetos) topped with a coat of oil or butter. Next, you put the turkey in a Reynolds Oven Bag and into the oven in a 2 inch deep roasting pan.

Cook the turkey until it reaches 165°F and let it stand in the oven bag for 15 minutes.

Obviously, reactions have spanned from “delicious” to “completely disgusting” on Twitter.

"Nope..doesn't even look remotely appetizing," writes one.

"I wouldn't eat the whole Flamin' Hot Cheetos Turkey," tweeted another. "But I'd definitely have one or two pieces to see what that be like."

Flamin' Hot Cheetos are an incredibly popular snack among kids and teenagers. Many parents joked on social media that maybe their kids would actually eat turkey if it was smothered in the Cheetos.

But, some of your family members may abandon your orange, spicy turkey, if they’re just looking for some usual flavors this holiday.

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