Last Week Tonight Has Been Calling Out Charlie Rose For Awhile Now

Hindsight is often 20/20 but not for a man who wears glasses and works at HBO on Sunday nights. "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver has been regularly calling out Charlie Rose and his apparent creepy behavior while on the air long before accusations surfaced against the veteran TV host. 

Rose was accused on Monday of groping, touching and walking naked in front of eight different female colleagues - the same type of behavior Oliver alluded to in a regular segment that highlights the awkward sexual tension on the CBS This Morning set. 

The 75-year-old Rose has co-hosted the morning show with Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell for the last several years now and there's been no shortage of awkward moments.  Lest you think the awkward sexual tension was a one-off bit for Oliver, fear not. Rose was a gold mine for the Last Week Tonight producers giving them ample material to work to highlight the CBS crew's awkward sex talks.

CBS News announced Tuesday morning that they had fired the longtime TV host following the allegations made against him. "There is absolutely nothing more important, in this or any organization, than ensuring a safe, professional workplace," says CBS News President David Rhodes.

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