Almost 1/3 of Americans are victims of package theft

Stealing packages delivered by companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL is an unfortunate trend which is sadly on the rise.

A new survey by market research firm Wakefield Research reveals that 30% of Americans are victims of package theft.  

Almost half of those victims are urbanites, compared to 26% in suburban areas and 19% in rural areas.

The uptick in package theft means that there has been an influx of new security products and means to help prevent future cases.

Companies like Ring, Vivint, and Comcast's Xfinity Home offer top-notch home security systems which feature video apps and alarms for different mobile devices.

Most of the digital alarm systems coming out with their own apps offer their users the abilitiy to remotely control their alarm from wherever they may be - so long as they have a WIFI or mobile data connection.

A recent demonstration from Ring shows how their remote camera alarm app scares off a wannabe package thief:

Even Amazon is heading to the front lines in the competitive home security market.

First, it was their Amazon "locker" parcel service, which allows customers to go to an officially designated Amazon locker to retrieve their secured packages.  

Now, the online retail giant's latest offering is Amazon Key.  Key is a secured delivery system which permits Amazon couriers to drop off packages directly inside Amazon Prime customers' homes.  

Like it or not, it sure is innovative. The program that allows Prime customers to install an electronic lock so delivery personnel can open it to drop packages inside, tied to a security camera that sends footage of the delivery — and the exit — to the customer. 

Take a look and judge for yourself:

Walmart began testing an "in-house" delivery method in September which permits the couriers to enter customers' homes and furthermore put the groceries away:

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