Move Over Pizza Rat, The Avocado Rat Is Here With Healthier Options

Look out Pizza Rat, your California Cousin has arrived. 

Video of a rat carrying an avocado through a Brooklyn subway station has been making the rounds on social media. Unlike his junk-food loving cousin, Avocado Rat was apparently in the mood for something healthier.

“Even the rats in #nyc are on trend. Hope he finds some toast. #avocadorat,” wrote documentary maker Jessica Edwards, who posted the video to Instagram last week.

The video shows the rat bringing every millennial's favorite snack back to his home. After bumping into a fork, Avocado rat drags his snack back under the tracks. 

Two years ago, Pizza Rat went viral, its video garnering over 10 million video views before a performance artist revealed it had been a hoax. 

So far, Avocado Rat's video has only been viewed a few thousand times on Instagram. 

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