Video: That Time a Card Game Saved America

Cards Against Humanity bought land on the US-Mexico border to block Trump's wall and apparently the stunt worked so well, it saved America!

Their site says idea was part of their holiday promotion, where customers could help subsidize the project by buying $15 packs as surprise gift packages.

"Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans. He is so afraid that he wants to build a twenty-billion dollar wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing. So we've purchased a plot of vacant land on the border and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built."

Hours later the cards were totally sold out.

To celebrate, the prank loving company released a parody documentary about the massive impact their campaign had and how they saved America.

Check it out below!

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