GaS Baby Animal of the Day: Tony the Hippo!

Everybody, meet Tony the hippo!

What do you need to know?

He's just 2 months old.

He lives at the San Diego Zoo.


***note - rest of this will be in (what I imagine) to be Tony's voice***

Mmmm...warm and snuggly nap time   

Guys!  Guys!  I can sw- ... wait... Mom! Hey, yeah, mom, can you just push me a little?


Guys!  Guys!  I can swim!

The shallow end is just kinda fun sometimes, guys.

I'm like totally not afraid of the deep end or anything   

You ever try pumpkin milk?

Mom likes it...

I prefer her's.

Oh, I can see you checking me out!

So why don't you come visit me?!

I'll be waiting!

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