A bunker, a gun, and 1,000 bikes found in Santa Ana River bed

While clearing out the homeless encampments along the Santa Ana River trail in Fountain Valley, the O.C. Sheriff's deputies and county workers discovered the following:

  • A makeshift bunker
  • A half-loaded .357 Magnum with 3 empty shell casings
  • 1,000 bicycles stashed away in a dark storm channel

The bunker was big enough for a grown person to stand inside of, and was decked out with wood paneling on the walls and had a support beam in the middle of it.

Sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Puckett told the OC Register the findings make it clear that there's a serious crime problem in the area:

“It just backs up the data that we’ve collected, which says there is a significant criminal element in the homeless encampments."

Of course the residents who own legitimate homes along the Santa Ana river trial have know how bad it is there for years.

Condo owner Kris Gillan said:

“I’m not surprised at any of these things they found, other than the bunker. This is why we tried and tried to get (sheriff’s deputies and Fountain Valley) out there, but nothing was done for a long, long time.”

Click here to read more at the O.C. Register.

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