Youngest Kids Are The Favorite With The Dad Podcast

So, you're the youngest child.

I bet you think you are the favorite, don't you?

I mean, how could you not be?  

You're funny.  You're fun-loving.  You're outgoing.  You have it all going for you.

That's exactly why you are the favorite.

It might sound weird, but you thinking that you are the favorite may be why you are the favorite.

Basically, since you think you are the favorite, you intentionally bond with your parents more, creating a stronger relationship with them.

Let's take it from the other end...

Do you favor your youngest child?

If you do, that is very normal.  Most people do.

The reason is very simple.  The youngest child was the last baby, so your brain still has them established as the kid that needs to be nurtured the most.

Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast thinks that's kind of how all of that birth order stuff works out.

He says it is basically a self-fulfilling prophesy.

If the oldest is supposed to be bossy, then you'll see their bossiness.

The middle child is supposed to be a peacemaker, so you notice when they find compromise.

Basically, you make them what you think they should be.

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