California Shooter's Wife Found Dead, 'Concealed Under the Floorboards'

Authorities say Kevin Janson Neal, the shooter who opened fire on a Northern California elementary school yesterday, went on the rampage after killing his wife. Investigators say the wife's body was found hidden under a floor at their Corning, California home. 

Neighbors say they heard a disturbance at Neal's home on Monday night, but no one called police at the time. Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told reporters that police believe the domestic violence is what set off the incident. 

Neal, who was awaiting trial for an assault case against one of his neighbors, went on a 45-minute rampage Tuesday morning, killing four people and wounding 10 others at different locations around the rural community. 

At one point, Neal entered an elementary school's campus and began shooting into classrooms. One child was hurt at the school. Nine others were also hurt. 

Court records show that a judge had barred Neal from having guns after being charged with stabbing a woman earlier this year. The judge ordered Neal to stay away from the woman he stabbed as well as her mother-in-law on Feb. 28th. 

Johnston said that police went to Neal's home several times over the last few months after reports of him shooting guns, but they say they never saw him with the weapons. Neal apparently had two homemade semi-automatic weapons and two handguns registered in someone else's name. 

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