Video: SNL's Message from the DNC

The Saturday Night Live cast slipped into their Democratic blues to parody a fake Democratic National Committee message.

The video celebrates the Dems victories in Virginia and New Jersey and promises more is to come with “fresh new ideas delivered by fresh new faces.”

However, those faces include Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein (all parodied by SNL cast members).

Many applauded the joke and say it meets well with the criticism that has even come from within the Democrats themselved.

Former DNC chair Howard Dean has even said himself that the leadership is "old and creaky" himself included.

“Our strongest age group that votes for us is under 35, and they don’t consider themselves Democrats.”

When time came for the DNC to choose a new leader Dean pushed for an Indiana mayor who is a war veteran and criticized the party for ignoring smaller communities like his own while they obsess over Washington politics.

Instead the committee chose Tom Perez because leader thought he would “keep control of the party in trusted hands.”

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