Teen burned adoptive father alive to be with biological dad in prison

Jordan Marin-Doan - Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

(Jordan Marin-Doan - Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department)

16-year-old Jordan Marin-Doan was arrested for intentionally setting a fire that killed his adoptive father so that he could be with his biological dad in prison.

The teen had a very troubled past according to family members. 45-year-old Jason Doan was killed in the blaze. His husband Alan Marin and their two adopted children were able to escape the house with their lives. Alan Marin told abc 6 Indianapolis:

“His (birth) dad was arrested in front of him and he thought it was his fault because he did something wrong. They tried to get him the best possible therapy to help him out. Because he didn't get the service that he needed right away - these are the consequences.”

Alan said that just weeks before the the fire, he and Jason were trying to get Jordan into a mental health facility, but the waitlist was too long.

He went on to say about the fire:

"When I opened the doors and I saw the fire, I knew it was him. I think all the stuff he went through was more than he could handle. I have forgiven him because Jason was a forgiving person. I’m upset about what he did but I don't have any hate towards him because at the end of the day he was my son too.”

Jordan was charged as an adult with murder, arson, and auto theft. He pleaded not guilty and is expected to go to trial in January. 

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