Most Americans Want to Skip Holiday Gift Giving

Here's the thing, if money was no obstacle, most people would love to give gifts rather than receive, right? I don't know about you, but in my family and circle of friends, the gift giving has gotten over the top with everyone trying to outdo each other and themselves from years past. After all, gift giving is a major part of celebrating the holidays.

Well! A survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Sun Trust Bank shows that 69 percent of Americans would be in favor of skipping gift exchanges if the other party was in agreement.

The same study stated that 60 percent of people surveyed claimed that they would be willing to spend more time socializing with family and friends if gift giving was off the table. Also revealed is that it isn't about spending money, seemingly just the obligation. 25 percent of those surveyed said that they'd be willing to spend that same money on an activity to do together.

All that considered, 37 percent would rather use that money to pay down debt and 47 percent would prefer to save or invest it (borrrrring.)

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