Ice chunk crashes through family's home in Chino

A home in Chino was covered with a blue tarp this week because of a big hole caused by a falling ice chunk, believed to have come from a plane that was flying overhead.

The little iceberg tore through the roof of Brandon Blanchard’s home last Saturday night. He thinks it came from a plane making its way to LAX, about 50 miles away from his house.

After breaking through the ceiling, the ice landed in a bathtub. Hey if you get an ice chunk through your roof, having it land in the tub isn't too bad! He's lucky no one got slammed by it!

Since the ice was not blue, it did not come from a plane's bathroom, but it could have come from a leak in a kitchen galley.

Ice has fallen in the Chino neighborhood before, as its right under an LAX flight path. In 2006 a house just two miles away from Blanchard's got hit with an ice bomb.

The FAA is looking at radar replays to see which planes were in the area at the time of Saturday's incident.

Click here for more at CBS Los Angeles.

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