Psychologist says Christmas music is bad for your mental health

Credit: Getty Images

According to British psychologist Linda Blair, listening to jolly Christmas music will not relax you. In fact, it will stress you out even more and do damage to your mental health.

Blair says that the continuous playing of Christmas music in the car or in stores reminds people of all the things they need to get done before December 25th:

“You’re simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing."

She told Sky News that store workers are "more at risk" of being mentally drained by the music, and added that the same songs played on repeat make it hard for them to focus.

This year Best Buy started playing Christmas music on October 22nd, making the store the first to get into the Holiday cheer. A few days later other stores such as Sears, Ulta, and Michaels did the same thing.

Playing Christmas music before Halloween? That's just wrong!

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