Democrat Activist To Spend Another $10M on Trump Impeachment Ads

A California billionaire behind an effort to impeach President Donald Trump says he's doubling down on his efforts to get 45 out of office. Democratic activist Tom Steyer announced in a conference call Thursday morning that he's putting his money where his mouth is.

"We are doubling down on our efforts and we are now committing over $20 million to continuing this program. We're also announcing today we'll have two new television advertisements."

More than 1.9 million people have signed Steyer's petition to impeach the president over the last two weeks. According to the Impeach Trump website they want Trump to go because: 

"Donald Trump has brought us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice, and taken money from foreign governments."

Trump responded to Steyer's ad after seeing it on Fox last month calling the California billionaire "unhinged" and a "wacko." Fox News pulled the ad from its airwaves shortly thereafter. 

Steyer’s organization also released polling that shows 80 percent of likely Democratic voters agreeing that the party’s official position should be Trump’s removal from office.

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