Hockey Coach Tries Firing Up His Players - Gets Fired Instead

When it comes to inspiring halftime sports speeches, some stand the test of time. For example, you can't help but get chills watching Al Pacino fire up his players with the 'Inch by Inch' speech in Any Given Sunday. Some people prefer Coach Dale's pre-game motivational speech his team in Hoosiers, while others have a soft spot for anything from Coach Gaines and Friday Night Lights

And then there's this Colorado youth hockey coach who was looking to fire up his young players, but found himself fired instead. 

Littleton Hockey Association announced they released a coach from its Bantam travel team after video of the coach delivering a 'motivational speech' surfaced online. In it, the unnamed coach screams obscenities at his players on the Bantam A. Black U14 hockey team of the Littleton Colorado Hockey Association. 

You’re gonna beat ‘em three-none! I wanna see you sticking your hands up these guys asses and workin’ ‘em like a f--kin’ puppet! I want you controlling these motherf--kers like they've never been controlled in their life!"

The coach continued his rant, his voice cracking after screaming so loudly in the locker room. 

"I want to see you beat up Green Mountain! F--k Green Mountain! F--k their coaches! F--k their wives! F--k their friends!" 

People in the room tried calming the coach down by pointing out the opposing team could likely hear their coach's rant, but he said he didn't care. 

The video was posted by 'Spittin' Chiclets' on their Facebook page which you can watch below (caution, extreme language). 

The Littleton Hockey Association sent an email to parents concerned about the viral video, announcing the coach had been fired: 

It has come to our attention that a video involving one of our LHA teams and one of their assistant coaches has been circulating through a variety of social media channels. In the video, there was inappropriate language and references being made. I want to apologize for this behavior, and reiterate this is in no way a reflection of your association and the association we strive to be.

Since our inception in 1963, LHA has prided itself on operating one of the best youth hockey associations in not only Colorado, but the United States of America.

I was made aware of this situation in October through an email with what others believed was said from outside the locker room. Upon review, I immediately suspended the assistant coach. He was very embarrassed and issued a letter of apology to the opposing team and apologized to his team. It was not until I witnessed the video did the severity of the situation become apparent. The coach has been removed from the staff and will not be returning to LHA this season, nor in the future. Littleton Hockey does not condone this type of behavior.

Coaches, players and parents get emotional for the sport of youth hockey, but there is no need, nor do we allow, this type of behavior within our association. The coach recognizes his mistake. He is young and will hopefully learn from it. Through this, we hope LHA can better train all of our coaches as to how their interaction with players, opponents, referees and spectators reflects on this great association.

We would like to apologize to all players and parents effected by this behavior. We are truly sorry.

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