2,000 Could Lose Their Jobs Because of Kevin Spacey

Some 2,000 House of Cards contractors might be out of the job a lot sooner than they anticipated.

This of course comes in the wake of the Kevin Spacey sexual assault scandal.

The Netflix powerhouse is filmed on location in and around Baltimore, and a 2016 report from the Maryland Department of Commerce found that the show would hire about 2,000 local crew, actors and services every season.

“There are local businesses that are benefiting from a major studio production, like caterers, dry cleaners, transportation companies.  One of the nice things about House of Cards is it shoots from fall till spring and fills in the gap for people through the winter. 

“We are all like squirrels, in a way, throughout the year and try to get as much money in the spring and summer and live off that in the winter.”” - Michael Piekutowski, Local Electrician - House of Cards

Many of the contractors are concerned that they now won't be able to provide for their families - especially during the holiday season.

But all is not lost for these staffers, and the future of the show is uncertain at best.

Netflix is currently in talks with Media Rights Capital, the production company behind the hit series, to see how (or if) the show could continue.

The only certain termination thus far has been Spacey himself.

Photos by Getty Images.

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