Poll: Half of Californians don't think college is necessary

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About half of Californians don't think college is necessary, according to a new Public Policy Institute of California Survey.

The survey shows that while 2/3 of Latinos think it's important, (As well as a slight majority of Asians and African Americans) only 35% of Whites agree.

About 60% of those from households making less than $40,000 say college is necessary, while only 42% from households making at least $80,000 agree.

Experts say insane tuition costs and massive student debt are big factors behind the cynicism. Another reason could be that wealthier people, who can more easily access college, underestimate its value.

Audrey Dow, senior vice president of the Campaign for College Opportunity, says that not everyone can just drop out of college and be successful like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. She says that students of color generally don't have access to the same capital as white students, and that their families view college as a way to progress in life.

Frank H. Wu, a professor at UC Hastings College of the Law and chair of the Committee of 100, a nonprofit organization of Chinese Americans, says that skepticism is growing regardless of race:

"We’re at a turning point, a crossroads, where people are saying I want education, but I don’t want to pay this price for education.”

Maybe if our schools didn't have such fat and bloated administrations it would be easier to pay for school. Just look at Janet Napolitano and the UC system! It's become such a scam run by crooks!

The school administrations need a good enema to get all the slobs out and make way for people who actually know how to run things.

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