Say NO to the planned Road Diet near the Grove!

Say NO to Road Diet Near The Grove - Click here to go to the survey

From Preserve LA:

This is an urgent alert to act TODAY by filling out the below survey if you live, commute or regularly travel to or through Fairfax District, Park La Brea, LACMA, The Grove, historic Farmers Market, SAG Headquarters or between the Westside and points east.

A planned 6th Street “road diet” -- the permanent closure of a lanes in both directions - will steal tens of thousands of hours from the lives of working people who use 6th Street and send cars onto heavily populated residential streets using Waze and Google Maps.

Oppose this wreck of an idea! Click here to go to the survey

City Councilman David Ryu has no official position yet. He wants YOUR survey feedback. 

You do not have to live on a nearby street! Ryu's survey asks for your address, then you explain if you commute through, or visit friends or businesses or otherwise regularly use 6th Street.

Click here to go to the survey!

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