Tony Villar puts out video of his "life stories"

Get a load of this video that Tony Villar is spreading around, trying to pump himself up for his run for Governor. 

We got an email from Villar's campaign that included a link to the video, as well as a message from fellow empty suit Fabian Núñez, former Speaker of the California State Assembly. Here's what Núñez says in the email:

"Donald Trump launched his campaign for President of the United States at a luxury Manhattan high-rise – calling Mexican immigrants criminals, even rapists.

My friend Antonio Villaraigosa, in his first major video in his campaign for Governor of California, travels to the border between California and Mexico to leave life-saving water for immigrants.

There couldn’t be a clearer contrast between a California progressive like Antonio who knows every person has value and our President who dismisses millions of us as criminals.

That’s why electing an effective and progressive Democrat like Antonio Villaraigosa as Governor of California would be Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.

Please watch this new powerful new video from Antonio.

And if you like what you see, please join us by making the most generous contribution you can afford.

This video is not just about fighting Trump on the border. It’s Antonio’s story and why he is compelled to stand up and speak out. Whether it’s taking on big corporations that pollute inner cities or taking on the NRA, Antonio has a history of standing up to big institutions to do what he thinks is right.

It’s this kind of leader that California needs right now – one who will lead our state as we chart a different path from the Trump Administration and defend our values.

I hope you will watch this new video and then, consider making a contribution so we can send Antonio to the governor’s office and make Trump’s worst nightmare come true."


Fabian Núñez Former Speaker of the California State Assembly

Is anyone else rolling their eyes?

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