College student rubbed bloody tampons on roommate's bag

Brianna Brochu

(Brianna Brochu)

A student at the University of Hartford posted a video to Facebook detailing the bullying against her by her roommate.

Chennel Rowe said:

“I kind of felt unwanted and she was giving off vibes."

Rowe was in the process of moving to another room when she ran into her roommate Brianna Brochu:

“She asked me if I was moving out and I simply said ‘yup’ and she made a face and said ‘okay’ and then I saw her pick up her phone and automatically start texting."

Just minutes later, an RA informed Rowe of disturbing pictures Brochu had posted to Instagram bragging about taunting Rowe.

Rowe said:

“Rubbing bloody tampons on my things, so like she posted pictures of my Steve Madden bag that I had been sleeping next to the whole time on my bed with blood stains on it. She got me out of the room after a month of spitting in my coconut oil, putting my toothbrush in places the sun doesn’t shine, putting moldy clam dip in my lotion."

The Hartford police eventually got involved and arrested Brianna Brochu, who is no longer a student at the University.

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