Oh, Deer! Hunters Say Arby's Elk Burgers Inhumane

In early October 2017, Arby's fast food chain added new elk sandwiches to their menu to the delight of the masses.

The sandwich itself has proven to be a big success, with multiple patrons taking to social media reporting sold out experiences.

But not everyone is enthralled with the venison offering.  The Montana Wildlife Federation (MWF) issued a statement detailing their discontent.

The crux of their complaint is that elk and deer need to be free-range animals (just to keep things ethical).

"Farm-raised game meat sandwiches run counter to core Montana values of public wildlife and consumption of healthy protein through ethically killed game. - Dave Chadwick, Executive Director, MWF 

However, we think it's a bit hard to believe that the sandwich picture below is anything BUT ethical.

Read the letter from the Montana Wildlife Federation in full below:

More about the anti-elk backlash over at Today.com.

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