Luke and Leia Speed Through Manhattan Just in Time For Halloween

Step aside, we have a new winner of every Halloween costume contest ever.

YouTuber Jesse Wellens created another sensational Halloween costume with his Luke and Leia 'Star Wars' 'Speeder Bike' speeding through the streets of New York City. 

Wellens was joined by Camella Rose (who dressed up as Leia) as they rode their customized chopper through the streets of Manhattan. The 'speeder bike' was even outfitted with mirrors to add to the illusion of flying - just like the one in the movies. The actual bike itself was built on a custom electric motorcycle chassis that's manufactured by Super 73.

It doesn't take long for Luke and Leia to be spotted by an Imperial Stormtrooper who immediately gives chase after the rebel scum. 

This isn't the first time Wellen's outrageously cool Halloween outfits have gone viral. Last year, Wellens cruised through New York City as the iconic Marvel superhero, the Silver Surfer

However, as the release date for the latest 'Star Wars' movie "The Last Jedi" approaches, this costume is a guaranteed winner for fans of the franchise and Halloween alike.

However, no matter how amazing Wellens looks on his make-believe speeder, he'll never outcool Carrie Fisher riding a speeder bike. 

Here's how it all came together:

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