Facebook Showed Russian Ads To 126 Million People

Oh, it keeps getting better and better!

New details have come to light regarding Facebook's selling of advertisement space to a pro-Kremlin Russian party back during the 2016 presidential campaign.

What do we know?

While it has been known that some 3,000 advertisements were spread by approximately 470 "malicious" accounts, it's now being revealed that up to 126 million people saw the ads in question.  

Using that 126 million figure and keeping in mind that the population of the US is about 325 million, there are pretty good odds that you saw some of the controversial Russian content.

Facebook's General Counsel Colin Stretch is set to testify before the Senate judiciary subcommittee today in defense of the world's biggest social network.

Not just Facebook

Other social networking representatives will join Stretch to provide their own testimonies.

Twitter plans to reveal that more than 36,000 Russian accounts sent out over 1.4 million tweets during the 2016 campaign.

Google reports that the pro-Russian groups created 18 YouTube channels and uploaded an astonishing 1,108 English language videos, but these videos yielded a relatively  dismal 309,000 views during the presidential elections.

Read more about Facebook's involvement in distributing pro-Kremlin ads at The Verge

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