Apple Worker Fired After Daughter Films His iPhone X

Apple to Leakers:  You can't hide from us! 

(screenshot courtesy of YouTube)

Apple has zero tolerance for leaks.

Whether it's overseas factory workers posting photos of unreleased Apple devices, or local staff distributing unannounced specs and details for new products, the Cupertino-based innovator lives up to its reputation for secrecy.

Radio frequency engineer Ken Bauer can certainly attest to this.  He was just terminated by (his former employer) Apple - not for directly leaking information...but for negligence which resulted in the leaking of iPhone X details.

iPhone X's First Casualty

The iPhone X is scheduled to be released on November 3, 2017. So just imagine the excitement that Bauer's millennial daughter must have felt when she went to Apple's Cupertino HQ last September where she was able to get a hands-on demo of the iPhone X.

Oh yeah, it turns out that his daughter, Brooke Amelia Peterson, is a YouTuber.  In the wisdom currently allotted to the youngster, she felt it would be a good idea to film her next vlog from Silicon Valley's unofficial capitol.

About halfway through the video, Peterson is shown arriving at Apple's Cupertino campus, and later visiting the cafeteria with Bauer.

The Crime

In pure dad-mode, Bauer let his daughter film herself using his iPhone X.  She even took some time to put together a little hands-on demo for her viewers.  

Check out the video below:

But Bauer didn't stop to think of the repercussions of his YouTuber daughter filming and posting footage of an unreleased Apple product to the masses.  

Surely he didn't contemplate such a video going viral.  He was simply having a "dad and me" day at work...but viral it went.

Cease and Desist!

So viral in fact, that Apple got wind of it rather quickly, and sent Brooke a cease-and-desist that she remove the video from her account and public viewing.

The YouTube star consented, but the leaked content had already spread too far with the damage done too far-gone.

In accordance with their internal privacy policy, Bauer was terminated by Apple for being the source the leak.  

In the aftermath of the termination, his daughter did what YouTubers do: she YouTubed.  She explained to her subscribers about her father's firing, but claims that all parties accept the decision and that there's no ill will:

Read more about the unfortunate firing over at Recode.

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