Josh Newman recall moving forward, not enough signature withdrawals

Credit: Josh Newman, Twitter

The shady opponents of the Josh Newman recall could't get enough voters to withdraw their names from the recall petitions, so that means the recall will move forward!

Carl DeMaio told the OC Register:

“Sen. Josh Newman has spent months lying to his constituents by claiming people were duped into signing the recall petition against him and with today’s tally he has been unmasked again as a pathological liar who is unfit to hold office. We eagerly look forward to voters having a chance to vote him out for his lies and his decision to increase the gas tax.”

Derek Humphrey, a political consultant for the opponents of the recall, said the recall effort was “one of the worst cases of voter fraud in California history.”

Seriously?! He actually thinks voters were duped into signing the recall petitions? It's still not clear when the recall election will be held. 

There's also an appellate court ruling on a law meant to help Newman by slowing down the recall process being considered.

No more roadblocks! Get Newman out, end the supermajority, and bring common sense back to California!

Click here for more at the OC Register.

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