L.A. Times sob story over road diet fight, claims 'Angelenos' are dying

It's time to break out the sad piano, because the L.A. Times has put out another sob opinion piece about the "road diets." Michael MacDonald has written "Angelenos are dying while angry motorists are torching L.A.'s street safety plans. Where is Mayor Garcetti?" and boy is it a doozy.

Here's the beginning:

"With each passing year, Los Angeles’ transportation system seems to bear an increasing resemblance to the dystopian film series “The Hunger Games.” We accept as tributes the deaths of hundreds of our children, our family members and our neighbors in traffic collisions — sacrificed to the nostalgic fantasy of a conveniently drivable city..."

You can click here to read MacDonald's full piece, and you can listen below to our dramatic reading of it:

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