Coming to Los Angeles! We're Getting a McDowell's!

See the thing about McDowell's buns are, that they have no seeds. You will FINALLY be able to see this for yourself next week when Hollywood's Fat Sal's resturant is transformed into a McDowell's. The fictional restaurant from the 1980's classic, Coming to America, is most certainly NOT a McDonald's even though comparisons have been made.

You'll be able to sample "The Big Mick", "The Sexual Chocolate Shake", and even "The Zamunda Fries". There is not word on whether kid's meals will come with a sample bottle of Soul Glo.

The interior and exterior will be totally converted as well, "Golden Arcs" and all.

McDowell's will take over Fat Sal's Hollywood at 1300 N. Highland Ave on Monday, October 30 and Tuesday, October 31.

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